About Acts II Ministries

ACTS II MINISTRIES (AIIM) is a house-church based, *Messianic congregation. We believe that all the signs and wonders and passionate pursuit of the Kingdom of God experienced by the early church in the book of Acts is the archetype church model that the Lord wants to release in the earth in our time. We have a passion to pursue the deep things of God, excavating the riches in His word, and finding Yeshua Jesus right in the midst of it. We embrace and encourage all the gifts of the Spirit, desiring the marriage of the pure milk of the Word and the empowering presence of Holy Spirit.

We are always excited about welcoming new visitors. We currently have a Friday Evening (Shabbat) gathering at 6:30 p.m., at various locations. Friday evening gives everyone an opportunity to study the scriptures together, with individuals volunteering to facilitate the various readings from the word of God. In both services we break bread together (including communion), we worship together, we have teachings, but primarily we allow ourselves to be guided by Holy Spirit, since He knows exactly what needs to be accomplished at every gathering! Don’t be surprised when the Lord bears witness with signs and wonders! If you are interested in joining us on either Saturday or Sunday, simply send an email to AIIM@ActsIIMinisries.org and we will let you know where we will be meeting.

AIIM is a loving community of believers that embraces everyone from every walk of life. If you are a new believer and the typical church paradigm is somewhat imposing or makes you feel uncomfortable, then you will probably feel much more at ease in a house-church environment, which is inviting and personal. If you are an experienced Christian, but new to the Messianic movement, then you’ll find AIIM to be a good place to learn what it means to embrace the ‘whole counsel of God’, to live a life in loving obedience to the will of God. Come join us and find out for yourself that the Christian life is anything but boring! It will be an exciting adventure no matter where you are in life’s journey! With God all things are possible!

*Messianic (Definition): Gathering for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom with great enthusiasm and expectation - founded upon a Hebraic understanding of the ‘whole counsel of God’

For more information, email us at AIIM@ActsIIMinistries.org